24" 20K LED

Type 9391 Daylite
Type 9381 Tungsten


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Head(s): Type 9391Daylite. Type 9381 Tungsten. 20K Fresnel LED
Rating: 90-250 Volts AC, 50-60Hz, 20 Amps Max DMX Standby Draw <0.2 Amps Max
Light Source: 3000 Watt Mole-Richardson LED 3200 or 5600K 95+CRI
Switch: 2 Detachable 20 ft. (6m) Cables, PowerCON TRUE1 to Edison with Inline Toggle Switch (included in price of fixture)
Fuse: (2) 20 Amp SlowBlow. Fuse holders in trough
Control: DMX Control (Hardwire or LumenRadio): 1 Channel, Intensity
Cooling: Forced Air, Fan Speed Controlled by Temperature
Construction: Aluminum
Compliance: RoHS
IP Rating: 30
Finish: Textured Powder Epoxy Coat. Black / Red
Size: 33.86 in.(w) x 31.97 in.(d) x 44.58 in.(h)
Head Weight: 100 lbs/45 kg.


Item Number

Accessory Bag G140