2,000 Watt Molequartz Baby Junior Solarspot

Type 4131

Designed for Quartz Tungsten-Halogen globes. More compact, lightweight aluminum housing with high performance and low maintenance. Front opening door. Easy portability for location work. Accessories fit in wide Diffuser Clips. Front and rear Molecool Paddle Keyed to graduated spot-flood scale. Spring loaded socket contacts for positive grip. Equipped with safety screen.


Product Images

  • Type 4134 4-Way Light Shield

    Type 4134 4-Way Light Shield

  • Type 4133 Moledisc Diffuser Frame

    Type 4133 Moledisc Diffuser Frame

  • Type 41310 Molesnoot (Five-in-one)

    Type 41310 Molesnoot (Five-in-one)


Head(s): Type 4131, 2,000 watts
Rating: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 16.7 amps max. - 2,000 watts max.
Switch: Thru-cord type in cable.
Focusing: Easy Action Molecool® Paddle type handles front and rear.
Cable: Attached 25 ft., Type SO, 3 conductor #14 AWG. (Specify type of plug when ordering.) Other wiring substitutes are available.
Construction: Aluminum with interlocking channels and perforated steel trough.
Yoke: Cast aluminum. Fits any standard ⅝" dia. hanger spud.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Maroon Powder Coated Enamel.
Size: 11-3/4" x 9-3/4" x 13-1/4"
Head Weight: 16 ½ lbs. (with cable)
Condenser: 6" dia. Fresnel lens of glass. 27° to 55° field angle.
Socket: Mogul Bipost, Spring loaded contacts.
Mirror: Alzak Aluminum.


Item Number

2-Way Barn Door (2 Leaf) 4132
C-Clamp and Adapter 500848
Molering Diffuser Frame 4135
Snoot (Set of 3) 413316
Molesnoot (Five-in-one) 41310
Scrim Bag G137
Full Double Scrim (9'' dia.) 4139D
Full Single Scrim (9'' dia.) 4139S
Half Double Scrim (9'' dia.) 4138D
Half Single Scrim (9'' dia.) 4138S
Diffuser Frame (9'') 4133
4-Way Barn Door (8 Leaf) 4134
Baby Size Standard Stand 40651A