1,000 Watt Baby Solarspot

Type 407

The Baby Solarspot is used in basic lighting techniques in the motion picture, television and professional photographic industries. Used as a key-light, back-light or kicker where light control with a smooth even field from spot-to-flood is essential. Equipped with a safety screen.


Product Images

  • Type 407184 Molesnoot

    Type 407184 Molesnoot

  • Type 407247 Mole Focal Spot

    Type 407247 Mole Focal Spot


Head(s): Type 407, 1,000 watts max.
Rating: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 8.3 amps max. - 1,000 watts max.
Switch: Toggle switch mounted in lamp trough.
Focusing: Easy action paddle-type handles. Front and rear.
Cable: Attached 25 feet, Type SO, 3 conductor #18 AWG with 3-prong grounding houseplug. (Other plug options available upon request.)
Construction: Rugged, light sheet steel with interlocking channels for ventilation.
Yoke: Cast aluminum. Fits any standard ⅝" dia. stand spud or ⅝” hanger spud.
Finish: Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
Size: 11 ¼” x 8 ⅝” x 10 ½”.
Head Weight: 13 ¾ lbs. (w/cable.)
Condenser: 6” dia. Fresnel of glass. 15° to 58° field angle.
Socket: Medium Bipost.
Mirror: Alzak Aluminum.


Item Number

2-Way Barn Door (2 Leaf) 40755
Mole Focal Spot 407247
C-Clamp and Adapter 500848
Molering Diffuser Frame (6 ⅝” dia.) 407183
Fresnel Condenser (Cold) 4131
Dichroic Daylight Conversion Filter 407155
Blue Molocolor Daylight Conversion Filter 407B
Scrim Bag G136
Molesnoot (Five-in-one) 407184
Snoot (Set of 3) 40747A
Full Double Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407280D
Full Single Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407280S
Half Double Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407281D
Half Single Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407281S
Diffuser Frame (6 5/8'' dia.) 40748A
4-Way Barn Door (8 Leaf) 407156
4-Way Barn Door (4 Leaf) 40755A
Baby Size Standard Stand 40651A