12,000/18,000 Watt Daylite Fresnel

Type 6801

The 12/18K DayLite Fresnel has been designed for Motion Picture, Television and Event professionals worldwide. Reminiscent of the 225 Litewate Brute Arc, this fixture features improved ventilation and cooling using engineered channels to direct convective air-flow through the fixture and sockets. The solid double walled sheet metal and cast aluminum construction eliminates spill light, while the 24" Borosilicate Fresnel lens combine with a 16” Brytal Aluminum reflector to provide unparalleled output and a smooth field from spot to flood. The low-profile trough isolates the electronics from the main housing and features a swing-out trap door for easy maintenance. Other features include: a rear grab-bar, notched accessory clips and a trough skid; a pass-through yoke; a locking, tilt-out rear door and a "pig-tail" style electrical input. Also featured is a stainless steel safety screen, spring loaded fourth accessory clip, and variable accessory clip positions located at either 90deg or 45deg. This fixture is compatible with all existing 29” accessories.


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Head(s): Type 6801, 12,000/18,000 Watts.
Rating: 240 volt, A.C., 88 amps max. - 18,000 watts max.
Switch: ON and OFF momentary push-button mounted on trough.
Focusing: Hand crank at rear.
Cable: Attached 7-conductor cable with interlocking "Veam" type connector
Construction: Sheet aluminum housing and cast aluminum trough end caps.
Yoke: Tubular and cast aluminum with 1 1/8" dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Clear anodized and high heat black powder coated enamel.
Size: 47 1/4" x 33 1/2" x 33 1/2"
Head Weight: 150 lbs. (w/cable)
Reflector: 16" dia. Brytal Finished, spherical.
Socket: Spring loaded positive clamping (pair)
Safety Switch: Interlock micro-switch at door shuts off power to globe sockets when door is opened. Globe cannot be turned on until door is closed.


Item Number

4 Way Barn Door (8 Leaf) 680175
Flat Diffuser Frame (4' x 4') 34724
Extension Arms (Set of 3) 635187
Clear Lens 450816
DMX Shutter Motor 6611
Shutter Box 51836
Shutter 518
Accessory Bag G140
Full Double Scrim 450763D
Full Single Scrim 450763S
Half Double Scrim 450762D
Half Single Scrim 450762S
Molering Diffuser Frame (29"dia.) 450746
Moledisc Diffuser Frame 450481A
Folding Crank-Up Liteweight Stand 500572