800 Watt Daylite Par

Type 6821

The 800W DayLite Par is designed for Motion Picture, Television, Event and ENG/EFP Professionals worldwide. The solid cast aluminum construction features dramatically improved strength and cooling, while the Brytal Aluminum parabolic reflector provides over 95% reflectivity. The electronics in the fixture are contained in a low-profile trough totally isolated from the main housing, and feature a swing-out trap door for easy access to the igniter and safety switch. The fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position and, when used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be fine-tuned for optimum beam control. Other features include: a trough skid for operating and safe transportation; a low-profile yoke with a 5/8" baby receiver; a locking, hinged front door for easy lamping; and a "pig-tail" style electrical input. Standard on all fixtures are a stainless steel safety screen, spring loaded fourth accessory clip, and variable accessory clip positions located at either 90deg or 45deg. New 8" accessories are available.


Product Images

  • Type 66251 Medium Lens<br>

    Type 66251 Medium Lens

  • Mounted on Type 3621 Husky Size Baby Stand<br>

    Mounted on Type 3621 Husky Size Baby Stand

  • Type 66260 4-Way Light Shield<br>

    Type 66260 4-Way Light Shield

  • Performance Data

    Performance Data


Head(s): Type 6821 800 Watts
Rating: 100 volts, A.C., 9 amps max
Switch: ON and OFF push-button switches mounted on rear of fixture. May be re-ignited when hot
Cable: Attached 7-conductor, with male interlocking "Veam" type connector
Construction: Rugged construction of cast and sheet aluminum.
Yoke: Aluminum tubing and cast aluminum trunnions with 5/8" dia. baby receiver
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Black Powder Coated Enamel.
Size: 10 3/4"(W) x 10 3/4"(H) x 14 1/2"(L) w/o yoke (19 1/4" H with yoke.)
Head Weight: 13 lbs./5.9kg (w/cable)
Reflector: Highly polished Alzak Aluminum Parabolic Reflector
Socket: G22, Heavy duty electrical grade porcelain body with friction type bi-post brass inserts
Safety Switch: Interlock micro-switch at door shuts off power to globe sockets when door is opened. Globe cannot be turned on until door is closed.
Beam Control: Four accessory lenses (listed below), used individually, change the beam pattern from Narrow to Extra Wide Flood. The beam pattern created by the lenses may be rotated within the diffuser clips for vertical or horizontal beam orientation. Further spot to flood adjustments can be made using the focus knob on the rear of the fixture.


Item Number

4-Way Light Shield 66260
Kit Case 662106
800W DayLite Electronic Kit 682101
800W DayLite Electronic System 682100
Scrim Bag G137
Double Scrim - Stainless Steel (8 in/20.3 cm) 407194D
Single Scrim - Stainless Steel (8 in/20.3 cm) 407194S
Diffuser Frame (8 in/20.3 cm) 407196
Lens Box 64993
Extra Wide Lens (8") 66253
Wide Lens (8") 66252
Medium Lens (8") 66251
Super Husky Size Baby Stand (See Stand Section for more information & options) 3641