2,500/4,000 Watt 24" HMI Molebeam Daylight Projector

Type 8361

This combination 2,500W / 4,000W HMI MoleBeam Daylight Projector may be the most versatile in our very successful family of Beam Projectors. It features an adjustable socket capable of changing from 2500w and 4000w HMI globes. The 24” stream of daylight (5600K) produced by this lamp creates a stunning parallel shaft of light with the option of variable focus from -5 to +15. The beam projector has the widest range of burn positions, both extremes, straight-up or straight-down, with no noticeable light variation. MoleBeam Projectors are great for shafts of light through windows or foliage without the flutter usually associated with other “shaft” based lamps. Originally designed for lighting deep into large musical sets, these parallel, controllable light sources have come full circle from the heyday of black and white musicals to current day as stunning parallel beam effects. Equipped with safety screen.


Product Images

  • Type 518 Shutter

    Type 518 Shutter

  • Type 6611 DMX Shutter Motor

    Type 6611 DMX Shutter Motor

  • Globe Table.

    Globe Table.


Rating: 220 volts, A.C., 25 amps max. - 4,000 watts max.
Switch: ON and OFF push button switches mounted on ballast control panel; allows lamp to be switched ON and OFF from ballast and instantly reignited when hot.
Focusing: Knobs, in front and rear of fixture.
Construction: Light aluminum with vertical circular interlocking channels for ventilation and a louvered aluminum trough with aluminum end castings.
Yoke: Tubular Aluminum and Aluminum castings with removable 1 ⅛” dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Maroon Powder Coated Enamel.
Size: 22 ½” x 33 ½” x 47”
Head Weight: 81 lbs. (w/ cable).
Reflector: 24 ¾” dia. highly reflective parabolic glass mirror.
Socket: 83232 heavy duty electrical grade porcelain body, mogul bipost with positive clamping contacts. Socket bracket adjusts from 2.5K (5" L.C.L.) to 4K (5 3/5" L.C.L).
Safety Switch: Interlock microswitch on front door. Shuts off power to globe sockets if door is open. Globe cannot be turned on until door is closed.
Head: Type 8361, 2,500 / 4,000 watts.
Safety Glass: 24 ¾” dia. flat, clear Pyrex glass.


Item Number

Moledisc Diffuser Frame (29") 450481A
Head Extension Cable (50 ft.) 664108
Head Extension Cable (25 ft.) 664115
Senior Size Litewate Crank-Up Stand 500572
Flat Diffuser Frame (4' x 4') 34724
Extension Arms (Set of 3) 635187
DMX Shutter Motor 6611
Shutter Box 51836
Shutter 518
Accessory Bag G140
Full Double Scrim (29'' dia.) 450763D
Full Single Scrim (29'' dia) 450763S
Molering Diffuser Frame (29" dia.) 450746
2.5K/4K Electronic Ballast 638185