150W BabyLED

Type 8921 Tungsten
Type 8821 Tungsten (Non-DMX)
Type 8931 Daylite
Type 8831 Daylite (Non-DMX)

It looks like a Baby. It feels like a Baby. And most importantly, it performs like a Baby. Seamless integration with existing Tungsten Halogen Incandescent, similar performance and optics as other 6" (152mm) Mole Fresnels, and about 80% less power consumption.


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    Performance Data


Head(s): Type 8921 Tungsten and Type 8931 Daylite
Rating: 90-250 Volts AC, 50-60Hz, 150 Watts, 0.75-1.5 Amps Max. DMX Standby Draw <.08 Amps Max.
Light Source: (1) - 150 Watt Mole-Richardson Quantum Dot LED 3200K 95CRI Tungsten & 5600K 90CRI Daylight
Switch: Thru-cord Toggle in Cable, DMX or Local Toggle in Trough
Fuse: 1.5 Amp Slow-Blow. Fuseholder in Trough
Dimming: Flicker Free, Direct DC Dimming Local Dimmer 100% - 0% (Minimal Color Shift) DMX Dimmer 100% - 0% (Minimal Color Shift)
Control: DMX512-A In and Out. Manual DMX Address Selector
Beam Angle: 10° to 55° Variable Spot to Flood (Includes Field)
Focusing: Rotating Knob on Front and Back
Cooling: Passive-Forced Air
Cable: Attached 25 ft (7.6m) Type SO., 3 Conductor, #18 AWG with NEMA 5-15 Edison (Other plugs and wire lengths available upon request)
Construction: Aluminum and Steel with Interlocking Channels
Yoke: Cast Aluminum w/Standard 5/8 in (16mm) Receiver
Compliance: RoHS. CE, UL, CSA
IP Rating: 30
Finish: Textured Black Powder Epoxy Coat. (Other Colors Available)
Size: 11 in/279mm(d) x 11 in/279mm(w) x 171/4 in/438mm(h)
Head Weight: 8.5lbs/3.86kg (Head Only) 11lbs/4.99kg (Head with 25ft/7.6m cable)
Condenser: 6 in (152mm) Borosilicate Glass Fresnel


Item Number

4-Way Baby LED Barn Door 89285
Diffuser Frame (6 5/8'' dia.) 40748A
Half Single Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407281S
Half Double Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407281D
Full Single Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407280S
Full Double Scrim (6 5/8'' dia.) 407280D
Scrim Bag G136
Snoot 40747A
Molesnoot 407184