5,000 Watt 14" Senior

Type 3451

The 5,000 watt Senior Solarspot with circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, resulting in cooler operation. Less heat on the fixture and lower seal temperature of the globes for longer life. Knobs on the front and rear for focusing from spot-to-flood for a smoother even field. For use in Motion Picture, Television and the Still Photographic Industries as a key-light, back-light or kicker. Equipped with safety screen.


Product Images

  • Type 418104 4-Way Light Shield<br>

    Type 418104 4-Way Light Shield

  • Type 418103 Moledisc Diffuser Frame<br>

    Type 418103 Moledisc Diffuser Frame

  • Type 418110 Molesnoot (Five-in-one)<br>

    Type 418110 Molesnoot (Five-in-one)

  • Type 500350 Heavy Duty Ball Bearing C-Clamp<br>

    Type 500350 Heavy Duty Ball Bearing C-Clamp

  • Type G139 Scrim Bag<br>

    Type G139 Scrim Bag


Head(s): Type 4351 5,000 Watts
Rating: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 41.6 amps max.-5,000 watts max.
Switch: 60 Amp, 125 volt heavy-duty double pole, snap action. Mounted in trough.
Focusing: Rear Rotating Hand Crank.
Cable: Attached 3 ft., #6/1 Entertainment Cable with #10/1 ground 50 Amp Bates and MC257G plug. (Other wiring substitutes available).
Construction: Aluminum with vertical circular interlocking channels for ventilation.
Yoke: Tubular steel and brass castings with removable 1 1/8" dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum and Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
Size: 23 1/2" x 18 7/8" x 21 7/8".
Head Weight: 65 1/2 lbs. (w/cable)
Condenser: 14" dia. curved Fresnel lens of glass. Cold lens, 18° to 70° field angle. Accessory Hot lens, 16° to 60° field angle.
Reflector: Alzak aluminum.
Socket: Mogul Bipost. Spring loaded contacts.


Item Number

2-Way Barn Door (6 Leaf) 418102
Heavy Duty Ball Bearing C-Clamp and Adapter (for lamps having 1 1/8" dia. yoke pin) 500350
5KW to 2KW Socket Adapter 1921
Shutter Box 418369
Shutter 418111
Hot Fresnel Condenser 16° to 20° field angle. 38592
Dichroic Daylight Conversion Filter 415120
Blue Molocolor Daylight Conversion Filter 415B
Accessory Bag G139
Full Double Scrim 418109D
Full Single Scrim 418109S
Half Double Scrim 418108D
Half Single Scrim 418108S
Molesnoot (Five-in-one) Apertures: 3", 5", 7", 9" and 11". 418110
Snoot (Set of 3) 418341
Moledisc Diffuser Frame (18 1/2" dia.) 418103
4-Way Barn Door (8 Leaf) 418104
Senior Size Litewate Standard Stand 418182