12,000 Watt Molequartz "Moleeno" Molepar

Type 5751-61REV

For lighting large areas. The high intensity output of this fixture permits a minimum number of units for the required lighting level. For Television and Film, use the 3200°K globes for night lighting and the Dichroic Filter globes for daylight booster. Each bank of four globes swivels for beam control. Twelve switches control each globe. Individual globes rotate 360° to orient oval beam pattern to horizontal or vertical configuration. Globes easily changed with snap rings. Available for the Twelve-Lite “Moleeno” is a set of 4 extension arms and 6’ x 6’ diffuser frame.


Product Images

  • Type 57869 - Extension Arms (Set of 4)

    Type 57869 - Extension Arms (Set of 4)

  • Globe Table

    Globe Table


Rating: 120/240 volts A.C. or D.C., 100 amps max - 12,000 watts max.
Switch: 12 toggle switches, 4 mounted on each 4 light bank. Other optional wiring available upon request.
Cable: 2 attached 18 inch cables with male Socapex connectors.
Construction: Rugged construction of solid sheet and perforated aluminum. Frame is constructed of rectangular aluminum tubing.
Yoke: Tubular steel with removable 1 ⅛” dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
Size: 39” wide x 41 ½” tall x 6 ½” deep.
Head Weight: 92 ½ lbs. (w/globes.)
Head Weight: 92 ½ lbs. (w/globes.)
Socket: Connector for Mogul End-Prong PAR-64 globe.
Beam Control: Pivoted globe modules permit variable beam coverage.
Head: Type 5751-61REV, 12,000 watts max.
Circuit: 12 - 1,000 watt circuits with 2 male socapex pigtails.


Item Number

Diffuser Frame (6' x 6') 5759
Socapex Cable - 100 ft. 5838
Socapex Cable - 75 ft. 58311
Socapex Cable - 50 ft. 5897
Socapex Cable - 25 ft. 5836
Socapex Cable - 10 ft. 58310
Senior Size Standard Stand (See Stand Section for more information & options) 41494
Safety Screen 73920
Extension Arms (Set of four) 57869
Socapex Cable - 150 ft. 58312