2,000 Watt 18" Molebeam Projector

Type 8311

The Type 8311 2,000 Watt 18" Molebeam Projector is designed to produce a streaming ray of light in Tungsten (3200°.) This unit projects a 18” parallel beam of light that can be spotted and flooded from -5° to + 15°. This fixture operates will for projecting a shaft of light through windows to achieve sharp shadow effects. Equipped with safety screen.


Product Images

  • Type 513 Shutter

    Type 513 Shutter

  • Type 6611 DMX Shutter Motor

    Type 6611 DMX Shutter Motor

  • Type 635187 Extension Arms (Set of 3)

    Type 635187 Extension Arms (Set of 3)

  • Globe Table

    Globe Table


Rating: 120/240 volts, A.C. /D.C., 16.6 amps max. - 2,000 watts max.
Cable: Attached 25 ft. #12/3 Type SO. (Specify plug when ordering.)
Construction: Light aluminum with vertical circular interlocking channels for ventilation and a louvered aluminum trough with aluminum end castings.
Yoke: Tubular Aluminum and Aluminum castings with removable 1 ⅛” dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Maroon Powder Coated Enamel.
Size: 17 ½” x 27 ½” x 38”
Head Weight: 48 lbs. (with cable.)
Reflector: 20" parabolic glass mirror with high temperature reflective coating.
Socket: Mogul Bipost. Spring loaded contacts.
Head: Type 8311, 2,000 Watts
Safety Glass: 18" dia. Clear, Pyrex glass lens.


Item Number

Moledisc Diffuser Frame (21" dia.) 41699A
Heavy Duty Ball Bearing C-Clamp and Adapter (for lamps having 1 1/8" dia. yoke pin) 500350
Square Tube Diffuser Frame (Breakdown 4' x 4') Type 635187 Extension Arm needed for mounting 425100
Flat Diffuser Frame (4' x 4') 34724
Extension Arms (Set of 3) 635187
DMX Shutter Motor 6611
Shutter Box 51338
Shutter 513
Accessory Bag G140
Double Moledura Scrim (21" dia.) 416173D
Single Moledura Scrim (21" dia.) 416173S
Molering Diffuser Frame (21" dia.) 416141
Stand Junior Size Litewate Standard (See Stand Section for more information & options) 500476