10" Vari-Studio Junior LED



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Head(s): Type 9521 Variable-Color
Rating: 90-250 Volts AC, 50-60Hz, 480 Watts, 5 amps max Standby Draw <0.20 amps max. 30V DC
Light Source: (1) - 480 Watt Mole Richardson LED 2700-6500K 92+CRI, with +/- Green
Fuse: 5 amp slow-blow. Fuse holder in trough
Control: Dual user interface - 2.8'' LCD Touch-Screen and Twist & Push selector. Built-in dimming, color adjustment, +/- green.
Beam Angle: 20° to 55° Variable spot to flood (includes field)
Focusing: Rotating knob on back
Cooling: Forced air, fan speed controlled by temperature
Cable: Detachable 20 ft. (6m) cable, powerCON TRUE1 to Edison with inline toggle switch (included in price of fixture)
Construction: Aluminum
Yoke: Cast aluminum w/standard junior 1 1/8 in. pin
Compliance: RoHS
IP Rating: 30
Finish: Textured Powder Epoxy Coat
Size: 17.70 in. (w) x 18.34 in. (d) x 21.38 in. (h)
Condenser: 10 in. (254mm) Borosilicate glass fresnel
Weight: 24 lbs/10.90 kg
Battery Source: 30V DC, Block battery. Regulated Constant Voltage (Consult Company)


Item Number

4-Wat Studio Junior LED Barn Door 89685
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Half Double Scrim - Stainless Steel (12 in/305mm) 412240D
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Double Scrim - Stainless Steel (12 in/305mm) 412241D
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