400W Vari-Space LED

Type 9251 Variable Color

The smallest and brightest LED Spacelite in the industry. Perfect for cyc-walls, hall-ways, tight spaces and low ceilings. Like its big brother, the Vari-Space 400W is identical in color rendition with virtually identical optics to traditional 2K incandescent Spacelites. Another big plus is the color can be adjusted from 2700°K - 5600°K.


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  • Performance Data

    Performance Data

  • Type 9251 on Type 927-14 Yoke Assembly

    Type 9251 on Type 927-14 Yoke Assembly

  • Vari-Space Accessories

    Vari-Space Accessories


Rating: 90-250 Volts AC, 50-60Hz, 400 Watts, 3 Amps Max. DMX Standby Draw <.1 Amps Max.
Light Source: (6) - 75 Watt Mole-Richardson proprietary color mixing LEDs
97CRI 2700°K - 95CRI 5600°K
Fuse: 5 Amp Slow-Blow. Fuseholder in top cover
Dimming: Flicker Free, Direct DC Dimming 100% - 0%
Cable: Detachable 20 ft. (6m) cable, powerCON to Edison with inline toggle switch (include in price of fixture)
Construction: Rugged, Sheet Aluminum
Compliance: RoHS, CE, UL, CSA Pending
IP Rating: 30
Finish: Textured Black Epoxy Powder Coat
Head Weight: 18lbs/8.2kg
Reflector: Polished Aluminum, 60 Degree
Local Control: Two on-board potentiometers
Dimming (100% - 0)
Color Temperature (2700°K to 5600°K)
DMX Control: Ch. 1 - Color Temp: 0 = 2700°K, 100% = 5600°K Ch. 2 - Intensity: 0 - 100%
Head: Type 9251


Item Number

Black Solid Skirt 727-10
Silk Skirt 727-11
Silk Target 727-12
Half Black Solid Skirt 727-31
Yoke Assembly 927-14
Diffuser Frame (22 ½” dia.) 72729
Accessory Bag G140
Pass-thru Cable powerCON to powerCON - 25 ft. 927352