Variable Focus Par

Type 7681
800 Watt Daylite
1,000 Watt Tungsten

The Variable Focus Par is truly the best combination of Mole-Richardson Co.'s most popular products. The compact and powerful design from the DayLite Pars, the innovativeness of the Tungsten Par series and the focusable optics of the long-standing Open Face line all wrapped into one amazing fixture.


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  • Daylite - Performance Data

    Daylite - Performance Data

  • Tungsten - Performance Data

    Tungsten - Performance Data


Head(s): Type 7681 Daylite/Tungsten Varifocus Par
Rating: 95-230 Volts AC, 50-60Hz,
800 - 1000 Watts Max., 11 Amps Max.
Switch: For Discharge lamps, ON and OFF push-button switches mounted on rear of fixture. May be re-ignited when hot. Optional: For EGT1000 Tungsten, 20 Amp thru-switch on cord. (Not included in price of fixture).
Cable: Attached 7-conductor, with male interlocking Veam type connector. (Note: Daylite to Tungsten Switch Adapter needed to run tungsten globe).
Construction: Rugged construction of cast and sheet aluminum.
Yoke: Aluminum tubing and cast aluminum trunnions with 5/8" (1.7 cm) dia. Baby Receiver.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Black Powder Coated Enamel.
Size: 12.7 in/32.3 cm(d) x 10.9 in/27.7 cm(w) x 18.5 in/47.0 cm(h).
Head Weight: 13lbs/5.9kg (Head with Cable)
Reflector: Highly polished aluminum Brytal finished faceted parabolic reflector.
Socket: G22, Heavy duty electrical grade porcelain body with friction type bi-post brass inserts.
Safety Switch: Interlock micro-switch at door shuts off power to globe sockets when door is opened. Discharge lamp cannot be turned on until door is closed.
Beam Control: Spot to flood adjustment using the focus knob on the rear of the fixture.


Item Number

4-Way Light Shield 66260
Diffuser Frame (8 in/20.3 cm) 407196
Single Scrim - Stainless Steel (8 in/20.3 cm) 407194S
Double Scrim - Stainless Steel (8 in/20.3 cm) 407194D
Scrim Bag G137
Veam to A/C Input & Switch Adapter 768165
Veam Head Extension Cable - (25 ft/7.62 m) 6829
Veam Head Extension Cable - (50 ft/15.24 m) 68210
800 Watt Electronic Ballast 68220