Variable Focus Par

Type 7631
1,200/1,800 Watt Daylite
2,000 Watt Tungsten

The Variable Focus Par is truly the best combination of Mole-Richardson Co.'s most popular products. The compact and powerful design from the DayLite Pars, the innovativeness of the Tungsten Par series and the focusable optics of the longstanding Open Face line all wrapped into one amazing fixture.


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  • Daylite - Performance Data

    Daylite - Performance Data

  • Tungsten - Performance Data<br>

    Tungsten - Performance Data


Head(s): Type 7631 Daylite/Tungsten Varifocus Par
Rating: 100-240 Volts AC, 50-60Hz,
1200 - 2000 Watts Max., 20 Amps Max.
Switch: For Discharge lamps, ON and OFF push-button switches mounted on rear of fixture. May be re-ignited when hot. Optional: For HX2000 Tungsten, 20Amp thru-switch on cord, Type 663165 (Not included in price of fixture).
Cable: Attached 7-conductor, with male interlocking Veam type connector. (Note: Type 663165 Veam to A/C Input & Switch Adapter needed to run tungsten globe).
Construction: Rugged construction of cast and sheet aluminum.
Yoke: Aluminum tubing and cast aluminum trunnions with 5/8" (1.7 cm) dia. Baby Receiver.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum/Black Powder Coated Enamel
Size: 15.3 in/38.8 cm(d) x 12.1 in/30.7 cm(w) x 20.7 in/52.5 cm(h).
Head Weight: 18lbs/8.16kg (Head with Cable)
Reflector: Highly polished aluminum Brytal finished faceted parabolic reflector.
Socket: G38, Heavy duty electrical grade porcelain body with friction type bi-post brass inserts.
Safety Switch: Interlock micro-switch at door shuts off power to globe sockets when door is opened. Discharge lamp cannot be turned on until door is closed.
Beam Control: Spot to flood adjustment using the focus knob on the rear of the fixture.


Item Number

4-Way Light Shield 66361
Diffuser Frame (10.125in/25.7 cm) 41245A
Single Scrim Stainless Steel (10.125 in/25.7 cm) 4099S
Double Scrim Stainless Steel (10.125 in/25.7 cm) 4099D
Scrim Bag G137
Veam to A/C Input & Switch Adapter 663165
Veam Head Extension Cable (25 ft/7.62 m) 63243
Veam Head Extension Cable (50 ft/15.24 m) 66394
575/1200/1800 Watt Electronic Ballast 663164