24" Windmachine Moleffect

Type 5971

The Type 5971 24” DMX Windmachine Moleffect is designed to create wind effects from a slight breeze to a stiff wind with minimal noise. The Windmachine is effective at dispensing foliage, dust (Fullers Earth) and artificial snowflakes, in addition to manipulating branches or shrubbery on set. Other common uses for the motion picture, theatre or live event industries is the delivery and removal of atmospheric fog, smoke or haze. This re-engineered model takes advantage of a new universal motor, a new digital motor control and an updated local interface. The universal motor operates on A.C. or D.C., from 100 to 250 volts, and can be controlled from a remote location via standard DMX 512 protocol. The speed control has been updated to include a deceleration feature through an electronic brake. This rapid decrease of air-flow offers an almost instant-off feature. The updated local interface allows the fan to be operated locally from a standard radial speed control or “bumped” to full speed by pressing the bump button. The bump feature provides a sudden, controlled gust of wind above the otherwise steady output. An integrated radial-vane collimator narrows the direction of wind and can be removed for wider wind dispersion. The Windmachine can be hung, mounted on a stand or placed on the floor and includes a protective roll-cage.


Product Images

  • On-board Control Panel

    On-board Control Panel

  • Type 19720 Senior Size Low Windmachine Stand

    Type 19720 Senior Size Low Windmachine Stand

  • Type 19795 Windmachine Cart

    Type 19795 Windmachine Cart


Rating: 100 to 250 volts, A.C. or D.C., 7 amps max.
Cable: Attached 25 ft., Type SO, 3 conductor #16 AWG.
Construction: Sheet steel housing and steel wire guards.
Yoke: Tubular steel with removable 1 ⅛” dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Maroon Powder Coated Enamel and Electroplated Guards.
Size: 34 inch diameter, 24 inch long.
Weight: 100 ½ lbs (w/ cable.)
Local Control: Operator side: includes ON/OFF toggle switch, rotary speed control, momentary BUMP button for manual operation, and LOCAL/REMOTE switch.
DMX Control: Controlled by DMX-512 protocol with numeric thumb-wheel addressing with 5-pin XLR pass-thru input connector.
Windmachine: Type 5971.
Volume: 4400 cubic ft. per minute.
Air Velocity: 1750 ft. per minute.
Motor: Brushless servo motor with servo drive.
Fan: 3-blade, 24 inch diameter, powder coated.
Air Guide: Aluminum radial vanes columnate air-flow.
Guards: Concentric welded steel wire.
Roll Bar: Tubular steel.


Item Number

DMX Control Cable - 10 ft. 59751
DMX Control Cable - 25 ft. 59750
DMX Control Cable - 50 ft. 59742
DMX Control Cable. - 100 ft. 59743
DMX Control Cable - 150 ft. 59744
Windmachine Cart 19795
Senior Size Windmachine Low Stand 19720